A Life Worth Living


“I have finally found a teacher of mindfulness who lives and breathes what he teaches and inspires you to change your life too”.     Jane Freeland

How present are you right now? Are you really here? Or is your mind off somewhere else, caught up in thinking and emotions, the past and the future, without being fully aware of that fact?

It is all too easy to live focused on the next item on our never-ending to-do list, hoping to get it checked off and feel good for however long that feeling will last. But when, if ever, do we allow ourselves to simply drop into the present moment as it is—to practice residing in awareness, in the domain of being, or if you will, in the domain of “non-doing”? This rotation in consciousness can catalyse an entirely different way of being and acting in the world.

The miracle of mindfulness is that it reconnects us to the inherent richness of life inwardly and outwardly—a richness of embodied wakefulness and possibilities that can only be found and inhabited in this timeless moment we call “now.”

Your Teacher:


Dan Ireland is an international teacher in coherence, compassion, psychotherapist, mindfulness, meditation, among many other mental health focused areas. He is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist of 10+ years and has been teaching for 7 years throughout Australia, UK & Europe.
Unit 1 80 Dover Drive, Burleigh Heads 4220


February 8th 2022 – 6 consecutive weeks (same time) – 6:15pm – 7:30pm (6 Spaces Available)
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A Life Worth Living – 6 Weeks

WHY WOULD MINDFULNESS MATTER TO YOU?Mindfulness & Meditation for Healing & Connection

You are invited to open to things as they actually are and become more intimate with and understanding of change and impermanence through mindfulness meditation.

Join Dan Ireland as your instructor in

A Life Worth Living

For thousands of years humans just like you have managed to STRENGTHEN their mind and their heart muscle to be more connected, explore the emotional body and over active mind with simple compassionate practices…

My aim in creating this course is that you EMERGE with greater confidence and clarity about this set of ancient and now evidence based tools; your ability to utilise them, and about your own vast human potential for happiness, connection & healing.

What will we be covering?

  • Ancient traditions, Modern Audience
  • Using the Breath and the Body to connect our mind and our heart
  • Mindfulness and Movement
  • Establishing or building on a mindfulness practice
  • Among other key areas to start your journey into exploring mindfulness & meditation
Who is this course aimed at?
  • anyone, at all levels of experience (although some previous practice would be amazing)
  • anyone 18 years and over and interested in compassion
  • anyone simply wanting a gentle, relaxed experience.
  • anyone who may have tried different ‘styles’ of practice previously and didn’t like or benefit from the experience
  • anyone wanting an understanding of the fundamental and underlying principles of Mindfulness and Meditation for Healing and Connection
Unit 1 80 Dover Drive, Burleigh Heads 4220
February 8th 2022 – 6 consecutive weeks (same time) – 6:15pm – 7:30pm (6 Spaces Available)
Tickets – $155
For more info please email dan@awareful.com.au
Thank you so much


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