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Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness Courses, Meditation Courses Talks, Retreats & Workshops on the Gold Coast

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Mindful Living - 6 Weeks

Mindful Living is a brand new course, it will be an exploration of the many differing arms of mindfulness, from eating to self compassion.
Launching end of June 2020

Advancing Practices - Stillness

This course is aimed at people who have a regular practice and exploring the depth of meditation and meditative practices. 

Some of the terminology we will be using may seem confusing for beginners.

4 Weeks – $70

Discounts Available for Low Income Earners and Care Workers

Mental Fitness Training Course

“Fitness training for the mind”

> Evidence Based Techniques

> International Trainer in Mindfulness, Psychotherapy, Emotional Intelligence, Sports Therapy & Compassion Based Therapies

True Gratitude

4 Weeks – $95 (all levels of experience)

I’m sure you have heard of gratitude, being thankful for what you have, but are you aware of how powerful a thought or feeling of gratitude can be if cultivated correctly?

Mindset Based Athlete Program

The difference is not about will power or who has the best stuff… it is down to how much heart you have, and by heart I mean, how much do you love what you do…

8 – 10 week course – currently free to register

8 Week Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress

Saturday the 15th of August – 8 weeks x 1 & 3/4 hours

The courses are Internationally Recognised and form part of the BAMBA Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations.


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