Breathworks Mindfulness For Stress Courses

Upcoming Breathworks Courses

Upcoming Breathworks Courses

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Launching February 2021

Mindfulness for Stress

8 Week Course
Breathworks teaches mindfulness and compassion to help improve your quality of life.

Join the thousands of other people around the world who have discovered the power of mindfulness and compassion in dealing with the stresses of daily life.

Who is the course for?

These courses are suitable for anyone experiencing stress associated with work, relationships, loss and other factors outside your control. Also for those who want to learn strategies to deal with the general complexity and pace of modern life.


Launching March 2021
What would be covered?
Do you or someone you know suffer from chronic pain, illness or any other long-term health condition? 



Dan personified, radiated and encouraged the compassion, acceptance and respectfulness synonomous with mindfulness.

He is approachable and succeeded, in my view, in making mindfulness accessible to those of us looking for an introduction and shone a guiding light on the way we might realistically make mindfulness part of lives.


Dan is a fantastic teacher, he’s very warm and puts people at ease, I have done a few mindfulness courses through the years and his teaching is head and shoulders above them. He explains everything in simple terms, and he is always happy to answer questions. Plus enthusiasm is very infectious

The course went really well for me. My confidence has grown in both areas and I feel really motivated to keep going, as I really believe now that this can help me.


I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I am really starting to stop and be in the moment much more than I used to be – enjoying experiences and times without thinking about what happens next. I have also learned to stop before reacting – taking time to think about how my reaction will make me or others feel – that has been very powerful for me.

Dan was a brilliant teacher – approachable friendly and extremely nice. He included us all, we were never made to feel that we had failed and his fun sense of humour made the sessions really enjoyable as well as a great learning experience I wouldn’t change anything about the course and can’t wait to go on another of Dans courses in September


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