Mindfulness Meditation Courses Gold Coast

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Mindfulness  Meditation Courses Gold Coast,

Project Stillness

This course is aimed at people who have a regular practice and exploring the depth of meditation and meditative practices. 

Some of the terminology we will be using may seem confusing for beginners.

4 Week Deep Dive – $70

Mindfulness Fundamentals

New Introductory Course starting every 2 weeks

This 2 week course is an excellent introduction into Secular Mindfulness.

We will be exploring the application, techniques and science supporting it.

$35 – Tuesday Evenings

A Mindful Path through Stress & Anxiety

Come and explore over 4 weeks how mindfulness is playing a significant role in reducing our response to stress and anxiety.


Mindful Living

Mindful Living will be an opporunity to really bring this practice to life. 
The Buddha taught, meditation is not just about sitting, it is about living, with mindfulness.
4 Week Exploration – $70


Compassionate Living

“For anyone who is inspired to have more compassion, understanding and harmony in their lives and in our world”
This course will help feed your courage and curiosity through compassionate practices. 
4 Week Deep Dive – $70 (all levels of experience)

Breathworks 8 Weeks Courses for Stress

Next Course Launching April 27th 2021

The courses are Internationally Recognised and form part of the BAMBA Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations.

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