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Mindfulness  Meditation Courses Gold Coast,

Awakening through Adversity

This 6 week program is for those with a solid meditation experience:

What is the most essential trait for an effective seeker, healer or teacher? Intelligence, skill, and compassion are important, but without presence, our work in service of others falls short of its potential.

Practicing Presence is an opportunity to utilise adversity to help us awaken.

Your training will include:
  • 6-week focused workshops featuring 75 minute sessions each week with International Facilitator and Founder of Awareful, Mindful Gold Coast and The GFTC, Dan Ireland.
  • 1 x 6 hour retreat
  • Sessions that will explore the four pillars of a healthy mind: Attention (Be Present), Resilience (Feel Connected), Insight (Get Curious), and Compassion (The Key to it All).
  • Opportunities to connect with your fellow students, access to hundreds of hours of meditations and videos to support your practice
  • Opportunity for extra one-on-one coaching sessions.


“I have finally found a teacher of mindfulness on the Gold Coast who lives and breathes what he teaches and inspires you to change your life too”.     Jane Freeland

6 Weeks, Starting May.  (12 SPACES REMAINING) 

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