As Mental Health Awareness Month draws to a close….

A bit of reflective time that I wanted to share as Mental Health Awareness Month draws to a close….

It was just incredible to see how many companies are realising the importance of mental health.

It has been a busy old Mental Health Awareness month for us which is amazing, not for the business, but for our little island as a whole.

This type of investment in staff is so important, not from a PDP point of view, there is nothing to add. It needs to come from a need for self awareness, self regulation and compassion… giving us the chance to breathe, communicate and create some much needed space in our lives to be more thoughtful, caring and reflective.

We can begin to let go of the guilt of never being enough, being constantly compared to colleagues in a mentally detrimental way, a gift bestowed upon us by the profit driven society that we live within. It is unfortunate that greed and jealousy rule… This does not have to be.

9000 people last year were on anti depressants in Jersey, at the very least 10% of our workforce is suffering with a difficult mental illness right now. Look up from your desk, engage, those people around you deserve to be happy just as much as you.

We need to see mental health as important as physical health

Talk to your colleagues, talk to your friends, talk to your love ones, open up about how you are feeling and recognising that you are not alone.

Be honest about how you feel, it is not a weakness, it is part of our human condition.

We need to also teach our kids how to succeed but never teach our kids to fail.

We forget that failure is a catalyst for success, you only have to type in motivational quotes into google and it is littered with people that have found success through failure, telling you do not give up.

The human spirit is powerful, more powerful than we will ever truly know. It has got up and dusted itself off countless times… It has been to the depths of despair and still wants to battle on… Human beings are incredible.

Again, thank you to all those businesses investing in the mental health of their staff, whether through Awareful or OSE or through some of the other incredible businesses and charities that have people that have dedicated their lives to brigning happiness to yours.

And heres to a much kinder, compassionate, accepting and calmer workforce of the future.

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