I can appreciate the need to talk about success and growth, profit and expertise… Comm-unity

Sometimes, coming together in a different sense, one of inner growth, inner success and self compassion can be just as important but not so often shared.

We dont so often hear, “I had depression for the last 12 years and this is the first time I have felt alive”…. or “I have been living with Acute Anxiety for years and today was the first day in what feels like forever that I woke up with a smile”…

It has been incredible seeing so many from our little community embrace meditation and mindfulness, compassion and kindness, connection and unity….

I have wondered whether the word community was a coming together of communication and unity… sort of like a common goal and an openness to share and be heard, to listen and trust.

Our ability to communicate is what really makes as unified. Our abilty to share goals, offer help, come together in moments of difficulty… Community for me has been so paramount with these beach gatherings over the last few weeks…

Also the wonderful work that Jess is doing with the Re-wild the people month she has been doing. Showing just how much there is to offer on this incredible little island.

I would love to know your thoughts…

What difficulties have you overcome but havent shared with the worry of people thinking less of you for having it….

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