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I know first hand that when we feel a little lost, a little uncertain, maybe even a little afraid it is very difficult to just get rid of anxiety… If you are feeling a little lost right now… I just want you to know, whist I don’t know what you are going through, I know...
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compassionate curiosity
I, and others I have spoken to feel depressive episodes are one of the more difficult states of mind we can encounter. My experi­ence is that meditation can be beneficial, if practiced under the supervision of a skilled therapist or teacher. Tending to depression through meditation Having sat with many different teachers over the years…...
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We want to help people realise their innate ability to get in touch with the real world that is around them. We do this through: Meditation & Mindfulness; Emotional Intelligence; Human Givens Therapy; Healing & Compassion focused activities and courses.

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