There is truly an awakening in your heart through chakra meditations. Tonight I focused on clearing my sacral, base, solar plexus and heart. I just feel full of love.

I have had another sneak peak at what it must be like for beings like the Dalai Lama where they must live with this over whelming sense of love for the world. I love the Irony of putting on your playlist and the song that happens to play is alive.

The synchronicities in life are all around you, you just need to start living in the here and now to see them. Like Ben Harper says, I am more afraid of living than of dying, we seem to be afraid of what is here and now. I know our monkey brain has built up a need for us to be protective and therefore need to second guess everything before it has happened. We no longer need this. We can live comfortably within the moment, without the fear that our world will fall apart. I am not saying never plan, planning is integral for survival, I am saying that we should not get emotional around planning, setting expectations. No matter what happens to your plan, at the point that you end up experiencing it, is in the present moment, and with the millions of possible outcomes (and insurance doesn’t cover everything) for some reason we only ever focus on the negative outcomes.

Why do we use so much of our lives in the pursuit of happiness through the belief that we can only attain that with money. We end up working ourselves so hard that we never get to enjoy that happiness in the years when we should do as a Wise adult.

Where we can approach life with intelligence and experience. We end up saving up for a future of happiness at the age of 65, we’ll probably 85 by the time I reach it. The best of our lives is right now. We waste it thinking that I am setting myself up for my future. Just seems laughable thinking about it now.

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