Do you have one of those days that you go, right, tomorrow I am gonna do this, this and this, and then when you wake up, something goes wrong and fucks your whole day up and nothing seems to get back on course?

Then from that point on the only thing that is radiating from you is pure emotion due to the weight of the stress that you have placed on yourself to achieve something that seemed relatively simple….

Can you picture a time when that has happened recently. The crazy part is that you did not just ruin your day but pretty much everyone else’s that’s around you. The problem was that when you were putting this illustrious plan together you didn’t take into account a couple of catastrophic events (sometimes you just totally forgot you were doing something already) that bumped you off balance.

This is where mindfulness or as Deepak Chopra so eloquently puts, aware-fullness can really help. Most of us associate not meeting our goals as being everyone else’s fault but our own. When we realise that we could not have changed the events that happened at that moment, and instead of re-evaluating and continuing on the rest of the day mindfully and stress free, anxiety and stress builds, leading to a shit day for everyone.

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