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What I have learned about Mindfulness… Recently I was asked to put together a short video on Mindfulness, whilst I had my own understanding on what mindfulness is, I wanted to research what some of the leading experts, aside from Jon Kabat-Zinn, had to say about this incredible practise and get their views on what...
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So, today is the day… #RandomActOfKindnessDay What will you choose to do as your Random Act of Kindess? It doesn’t have to be massive, it can be as small as picking up someone elses rubbish for them, the important thing is to do it with compassion rather than resentment. A Few Quotes of Kindness: “Kindness...
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One of the hardest things about this movement is that your ego seems to think that it’s ok for you to still be strong, in fact that you should be strong as you are spiritual, and spiritual beings don’t ge anxious, stressed and down. A person that is following the spiritual path should be able...
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 There is truly an awakening in your heart through chakra meditations. Tonight I focused on clearing my sacral, base, solar plexus and heart. I just feel full of love. I have had another sneak peak at what it must be like for beings like the Dalai Lama where they must live with this over whelming sense...
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