Dear World,  A love letter


Today was one of a string of talks or political decisions that have welled me with sadness. A love letter


Today I heard of a human being proud of the gap in skills between young men and women in schools, with women on this occasion being 30% smarter than boys/young men.  A love letter


I heard a deputy head talk about this gap with adulation, as she was a feminist (her words not mine), and wanted to try and widen this gap further by parading successful female entrepreneurs/businesswomen in front of the school, showing the young women out there how anyone can be leaders.  A love letter

Compassion and kindness is at the heart of us all, and I truly believe it is the only thing that is going to bring about a more balanced, connected, accepting, and loving society

As a father of 3, 2 boys and a girl, I felt my heart drop out on the floor and a deep-felt sadness rise within me, like as if something you cared about deeply had been lost.  A love letter


Not because I am a man, or I am pro-men… because I love life and I want change, positive, long lasting change. I do not want any more division placed into our lives. What she was highlighting to a room of 80 was just flat out sexual discrimination and prejudice, and more importantly with pride, like I have seen the British National Party do.


As a boy that has held women in the highest respect, with the deep-felt hope that there are more women in power, bringing a more maternal loving, caring, openness to global leadership… all this showed me, again, is that we are going to have a future of arsehole leaders, unfortunately the next batch will be women rather than men.


I have looked so deeply over the last few years into compassion, into empathy and kindness, throwing 1000’s of hours into meditation, dedicating hours every day to compassion, I have whole heartedly felt this compassion awaken within me like a burning flame. This incredible practise has shown me that compassion and kindness is at the heart of us all, and I truly believe it is the only thing that is going to bring about a more balanced, connected, accepting, and loving society.


I proudly talk about compassion and kindness, connectedness and the need to be united to anyone and everyone who will listen… (as an ex-rugby captain, Australian sporting representative and a bit of a man’s man this is not something that was on my agenda 10 years ago), I am just feeling broken hearted at the continual divide we humans bring to this life. If it is not Trump openly being racist and divisive, or the Tory government deciding that animals should be treated like they have no feelings or emotions, the ethnic cleansing and terrorism that goes on still, it is the continual body blow by the pro-women approach to life where women are now being allowed to be prejudice and sexist, like a new brand of connectedness-a-phobes.


Even writing this I can feel the sadness and hurt within me, a longing for this to stop and a confusion as to how too. A real sense of being lost in a world of hurt and division, and now those that I believe are here to help balance us, to save us from destruction, are now being taught sexism to. That our future leaders are being taught that women are more important than men.


The talk today just topped off what has been another hard week of people making illogical decisions in the name of development of a particular race/culture/sex.


Do not get me wrong, I understand as best as a man could do the wrongs that society has done over the last 100,000 years, the mistreatment of one of the most beautiful creatures this earth has breathed life into. Most importantly that we have not learnt at all from the divisiveness the last 100,000 years have caused, and that these beautiful maternal, life giving creatures have decided that they will follow the same sort of destructive path that man decided to follow, which is why we are in this situation in the first place.


Please, please, please, please, I beg, with all my heart, please stop this segregation. Yes, absolutely let the feminine flame burn bright, let women be women, be strong and ambitious, but do not take what I certainly find most beautiful about you, that you were born to connect us all.  Please do not let it be at the expense of humanity, compassion, unity and love of all.


We need leaders that bring us together, and to hear a deputy head teacher so proudly flaunt the gap in young women and men, the future leaders of our world, then I feel such sadness for my children that even with all our intellect, all the mistakes we have made, we have not yet learned, we have not let the intelligence shine through.


Let us find a way that connectedness and unity is the heart of all our growth. That the human race is more like the human embrace. That colour, age, race, sex, religion, nationality, these are just labels and identities that we have placed upon ourselves. Let us all connect.


With love and compassion









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