This article has been taken from a relative beginner that found success with this incredible practice. Shannon Harvey has brought the research and evidence to the forefront and tested it personally to see if it can do everything that it says it does. Wonderfully, it did exactly as it said, and much much more… Here...
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I know first hand that when we feel a little lost, a little uncertain, maybe even a little afraid it is very difficult to just get rid of anxiety… If you are feeling a little lost right now… I just want you to know, whist I don’t know what you are going through, I know...
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So I was asked recently how to start a Gratitude Practice and how it actually helps… And well in all honesty… gratitude practice in times like this can be like trying to teach Japanese to people that don’t want to speak it… It is a language which, once we can get over the feeling of...
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I am always getting asked about my own practise. I wanted to offer some thoughts and insight into its reality. The reality of the ‘At Home Meditator’ Questions like, what am I doing, how long, where, when…. The reality of being a father is that I live in a household with 2 kids and a big...
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Dear World,  A love letter   Today was one of a string of talks or political decisions that have welled me with sadness. A love letter   Today I heard of a human being proud of the gap in skills between young men and women in schools, with women on this occasion being 30% smarter than boys/young...
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