One of the hardest things about this movement is that your ego seems to think that it’s ok for you to still be strong, in fact that you should be strong as you are spiritual, and spiritual beings don’t ge anxious, stressed and down.

A person that is following the spiritual path should be able meet life’s hurdles with pride and dignity, content and with a smile, when sometimes you just don’t want to be strong. You just want to curl up in a ball and fall asleep and then wake up when you are better.

For Some crazy reason, which I believe is down to self image, those that choose to heal or help others try and put a mask on like as if they no longer should hurt. That we don’t loose our mind, get stressed, angry or uncontrollably emotional¬†. It just seems helping others sometimes gets harder and harder.

Getting your head around the fact that there is no real path mapped out for anyone, just feels like driving a car without hands, it just continues to smash into things, and the more momentum you get the harder the smash will be. I just don’t understand. Why does helping people have to be so hard. . .

And then you wake up and see your daughter, watch a bird soar in the sky, taste a cup of coffee, and understand again that you have an opportunity to enjoy every moment, but not every moment will be enjoyable.

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