Wonderful Collaboration of Local Talent (Free eBook)

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Wonderful Collaboration of Local Talent (Free eBook)

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It was an absolute privilege to be asked to put some thoughts together on an eBook to help people achieve their Health & Well Being goals in 2017.Wonderful Collaboration of Local Talent (Free eBook)

The following was taken from the prelude/intro from an incredibly insightful guy, Cameron, co -Founder of Physique Transformations;

“I came up with the idea to put together this eBook for you so you can go at your goals and make 2017 your best year yet when it comes to your health, fitness and wellness. My reason for doing it was that I feel all islanders deserve some FREE advice on their health, fitness and wellness. I feel that people usually give up easily on their goals for a main reasons; They don’t enjoy the process and therefore don’t have the motivation to follow through with it. So this eBook will not only give you a variation of insights given by local professions and enthusiasts but will also give you a directory of local professionals that are there if you need them- I know from training around 1000 people in the last 4 years that one size doesn’t fit all and you need to chose the right path for you and one that is tailored to getting you the results you desire.”Wonderful Collaboration of Local Talent (Free eBook)

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