Awareness is the key

For those that have been on the courses and already started seeing the benefits of even an irregular practice, bringing a new found tenderness to your life, a love of awareness and a dedication to begin life one moment at a time, I bow in respect for the journey you have undertaken. To those that have found this practice difficult to integrate, I bow in respect for trying the practice and I truly hope that you find the calmness you are hoping for in whatever form it ends up being.

(If you are not looking for a bit of a deep message this morning it may be best to end here).

Whilst mindfulness and meditation is probably the most amazing tool I have ever found, for thousands of years humans, just like us, have used it to deepen their understanding of self, the operation of mind and the development of compassion for the benefit of all beings. This compassion has to start with you…

As I have said (a few times probably), even if meditation and ultimately mindfulness is not for you, never stop being gentle with yourself, we are not here to make life difficult, to suffer any more than is necessary, this is a lesson I have learnt over and over again until reaching the realisation recently. We have for far too long taken life as a battle, when in fact gentle openess works so much more efficiently .

Anxiety, Depression and Stress is just a state of mind which we have developed because of this battle, this quest to be better than we were yesterday. The hope that we can achieve more. The juggling act which we call life. A wonderful question to ask yourself on this point is, who is the one hoping? Who is the one wanting to be better? Again take this with a gentle inquiry.

Science has proven, amazingly through studying meditators as well as other things, that in fact the mind can change, that it can develop a different view of the way you experience everything that is around you. That anxiety, depression and stress is not permanent. Neuroplasticity has proven we can teach an old dog new tricks. We don’t have to battle any more. Life can become calmer, simpler and more beautiful, purely by becoming aware.

There was a wonderful quote given my Master Oogway;

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift and this is why we call it the present.”

I was listening to a wonderful dharma talk just this morning from Alan Watts that reminded me of lifes impermanence. Even to look at the present moment is a fruitless event and to not get attached to becoming present. As soon as we have noticed and enjoyed it, it has changed and the search continues. Lifes impermanance has never been more aware than the present moment. We must take a gentle awareness of life, no dragging the past with us, no longer fearing or comparing the amazing being that you are right now. Just aware. Just awake.

Keep inquisitive, listen to the heart, realise that anger, hurt, saddness, joy & love are all part of the human experience. All of which is to be rejoiced within.

Today is a gift, being able to experience life from awareness itself is one of the most amazing gifts that can be given.

Have a wonderful day, weekend, week till we see each other next.

I wish you all happiness, health, contentment, to be free from suffering and to enjoy the rest of your life to its fullest.

If there is anything in here that you dont quite understand please ask.

With kindness and so much appreciation


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