Only truth is truth

We spend so much time getting frustrated by who and why, but not from where within and how it can ease or cease… How these changing states can like Rumi says ‘violently sweep our house empty of its furniture’.
It is right there, that this is a changing state, it isn’t permanent. It is only our thoughts that create its feel of permanence (and this is only a feel, it is not true). We are only to observe. As soon as we realise there is this state of inner upheavel and then recognise that there is something there which can recognise this upheavel, that is having no part to play in it, we get a glimpse of the truth. 
As we awaken to this recognition, that we are to explore with curiosity rather than anxiety the internal rather than blame the external our fear softens… We grow stronger and more resolute in our truth. It was Adyashanti that I heard say, ‘only truth is truth, so learn to question or let go of everything that isn’t’.
This fear comes from many generations of propaganda and marketing. This belief that has been created to remind you that you are not enough… This is a lie. There is no one more capable of being everything than you. It couldn’t be any other way.
You wont be perfect at it, yet. Mistakes are part of each step… they help support our movement. They help us to learn and adjust.
This may be difficult to understand, difficult to percieve, difficult to believe, but rest a few moments and recognise the truth of your truth. What is that resides there as the mind rests? What is that sense of timelesnness…. 

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