2018 IS TO BE A COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION… ‘be the change you want to see in the world’…

When was the last time your New Years resolution was… ‘this year I am going to be more compassionate’? 2018 IS TO BE A COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION

I know we always fall back into the usual, wellness, fitness, nutrition, dieting, more money, more learning, more etc etc…  We feel the need to load our plate spinning with several new plates forgetting that we are already spinning as many plates as we can…

Absolutely, reflection is so important… let us reflect, realise where it went wrong, and make a start with a message that you have been waiting to hear your whole life… that this year I am going to stop being so hard on myself for being a human. 2018 IS TO BE A COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION

Being a human is one of the hardest things to be

Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Am I important?
  2. Am I someone worth living for?
  3. Am I living or surviving?
  4. Am I compassionate with myself?
If any of these questions made you feel anxious or sad, or you hesitated in any way, then there is something so important that is missing in your life… Something so close that you have not seen it…
You, are the answer you have been looking for your whole life.

We think we need things, stuff, objects, certifications, memberships to fill this void that is so dificult to find.

When we truly find ourselves, right here in this moment, just resting, waiting contently for us, we realise this search for nothingness, (now don’t confuse this with emptiness), the nothingness that we have built around us, like walls to reality, the labels, stuff and things that we feel we need to be whole… when we truly find ourselves, our blinkers get removed and we begin to see our reality in such a different light. 2018 IS TO BE A COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION

You may ask the question, how then can we find ourselves? How is this even possible?

There has never been anything more possible before in your life.

This has been your birthrite all along… Freedom

You are you, you are not the judgements, you are not the hurts, you are not the things that you ‘own’ hoping to fufil this ravenous search for something seperate to you. .

You are the emodiment of love and compassion, you just got a little distracted with the beautifully crafted distractions that are around you that you forgot to look inwards and see the beauty, the reality that is within.

Compassion is our opportunity to bathe in this moment. The opportunity to seek a world where kindness is not a transaction, it is given freely. Yes it will take time, yes it is not going to be easy, but we all deserve it.

Anger, hatred, death, violence, division, greed, jealousy and hardship… seemingly the cornerstones of the 21st century, although this doesn’t have to be… We can change this centuries outcome and ensure the 21st century was one of compassionate connection and unity. 

We live in a world where our governments spent $1.686 trillion on arms in 2016, money used to ‘protect’ through slaughter and violence yet I couldn’t find one country with a particular budget on the advancement of compassion.

So we need to lead the way… one person at a time.

We need to be the light leading the way for the new generation of leaders.

How much longer can we just say, this is to hard, or what is the point if no one else is doing it. How can I really help just by me being compassionate?

Compassion isn’t just for the religious, compassion is something that is within us all. We don’t need to believe there is a god to start being warm hearted towards people, we just need the desire to transform suffering for ourselves and for others.

When I bring up this topic in classes or workshops, rightfully people say won’t this just turn you into a doormat? Not at all…

Compassion is also the ability to tell people that they are hurting you or others, and that their attitude should change. Compassion does not mean supress pain, we need to be able to understand our emotions, we need to develop our understanding of ourselves, why we react, what makes us react, develop the resillience to allow people to be how they are without you needing to change them either.

It was Ghandi who said, be the change you want to see in the world…

We can start today… We don’t need a new year to come in.

Start by pausing more often. 2018 IS TO BE A COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION

Just breathe, notice you. How is the body feeling? Is this affecting your thoughts? Is the body trying to tell you that you are anxious, or tired and the mind is reciprocating this by trying to out think the anxiety or tiredness, maybe taking this tiredness out on others…

Meditate if you want too. Work closely with the judgement and crticism that we have for ourselves. Be kind where ever possible. Start paving a new way for the next generation. Show them that compassion can be a reality.

From the start it won’t be perfect, you will continue to make mistakes, you will continue to fall back into the well ingrained old habits, it will take effort, it will change this world for the good.

2018 needs to be a compassionate revolution, we were born to be the beacons, the pointers, the guiding light, why do you think you are here in an age of confusion…

With much Compassion


p.s. – I have set up a Facebook page called the compassionate revolution. Please jump on and like. It will be a page focused on compassion, with an opportunity to share events, practises, people etc etc. 2018 IS TO BE A COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION





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