Advancing Compasion – Through Stillness Rises Compassion


When you no longer look to the mind or society to provide you with your sense of identity—because your sense of identity now comes from the place you have always been destined to recognise…

A 3 Week workshop for advanced practitioners

The practise of presence is never more important than right now : )

11am – 1pm Miami, Gold Coast (COURSE NOW FULL THANK YOU)

3 x 2hour course – $60 (early-bird rate)

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Starting March 24th 2020 – Tuesday evenings (2hrs)
Days – March 24th, 31st & 7th (April)
A course for established practitioners looking at exploring Compassion through Stillness.
We are at our heart a compassionate being, we just need to begin to soften our focus away from whats missing and more on whats here…
Through Stillness Rises Compassion
Push your boundaries of dealing with silence and becoming more mindful. Opening up your awareness to a heightened level through longer meditative periods.
Advancing Compassion will offer 3 key areas of focus:
1) Compassion
2) Self Awareness & Reflecting on Unpleasant Emotions
3) Capacity and our Human Connection
Over the 3 weeks, we will be coming together to be still, through engaging this moment.
Some of the concepts that we will be discussing may seem confusing and difficult to comprehend for those just starting their practise. So this course is recommended for those in regular practise.
We will be sitting in silence each class, followed by some enquiry into the nature of our minds and our relationship with them.

Dan is an internationally accredited and experienced Mindfulness/Meditation teacher, Psychotherapist, Emotional Intelligence Lead and Tibetan Buddhist of Kagyu and Nyingma lineage with locations and courses in the UK, Europe and Australia. has has had the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of incredible teachers over the 11+ years I have been learning and practising, from both Secular and Non-Secular backgrounds.


Whilst he is a student of buddhism, he is not a monk or really religious in anyway.He Coaches, Teaches, Mentors and Speaks from a human angle rather than anything that would be considered religious.  He shares his journey out of failure, chronic depression, acute anxiety disorder and the fear created by the stigma that is still the baggage of many poor mental health sufferers… Importantly the joy and completeness you can feel when you have that control back.

What he offers are simple teachings and tips for everyday people

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24th March – 6:30pm – 8:30pm Miami, Gold Coast (COURSE NOW FULL THANK YOU)
These classes will be 2 hours
For more info please email or info on him as a teacher check out testimonials by clicking here
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