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Mel Enders

I’m Mel, a family constellation therapist and facilitator, with a BA in psychological sciences and a Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy.


While my work has become a fusion of relational, scientific and intuitive therapy modalities, the heart and soul of my work rests within the systemic therapy approach. More specifically, a person is but one element of a much larger family and societal field. My curiosity always steers towards understanding the purpose and meaning of the challenge within the context of the larger family field. My expertise lies within addiction issues and trauma. I have a deep compassion for the human experience, and I feel incredibly privileged to witness and support others on their journey home to themselves.


I’m also a nature lover, gardener and mother of 3 boys. I was born and raised in Germany/Bavaria, but have been living in Australia for around 17 years so I can relate to the challenges of immigrating, bilingualism, and blended families.
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Alicia Ryan

Alicia has been sharing her love of Yoga and Health for over 15 years. As a teacher Alicia aims to help build a deep body awareness and connection, as it is through this inner knowledge that energy is shifted and we come alive. She sees each person as a whole, including body, mind, emotions, habits and patterns of living, believing if she can teach to each of these parts then the true aim of Yoga will be witnessed.

She loves all things outdoors, running by the beach side and swimming in the ocean, and soaks up any time she has with her precious family.

Katy Fox

Owner of Mystical Soul Journey and Hair Journey 

Katy’s mission is to guide you on your own healing journey,  

Empowering you to Empower yourself. 

From her own life experience and quest to heal she understands the journey isn’t to be smooth sailing but in those rawest of moments is where the magic happens and true self evolution can be obtained. This is the part that ignites my soul, and what drives me to share the knowledge and wisdom I’ve achieved on my own healing path of grief and trauma.

She has combined these learnings and created an elixir for Intuitive Healing shared either in a one on one session a sacred healing circle or retreats, 

Her magic potion ingredients are a dash of Reiki, Crystals,Lomi Lomi, Witchery, Sound healing and a sprig of her own inner wisdom. 

Jen Barnett

Jen started her journey 24 years ago in the UK where she trained as a Reflexologist and Aromatherapist. This ignited her passion for all things mind, body and soul, she embarked on a journey of therapeutic practices around the world, including Chang Mia in Thailand, Maui in Hawaii and here in Australia.

It’s whilst training in Hawaii that Jen experienced the true healing powers of Breathwork, bodywork and energy work, helping heal herself from 10 years of grieving. This gave Jen the passion and knowledge to share the gifts of Ancient Hawaiin teachings and using the breath to heal one self.

Jen as a mastership in Lomi Lomi, Hawaiian Healing, Circular Breathwork, Soma Breathwork, Breath of life facilitator, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Massage Trainer. Jen found her life’s true purpose is now to share these teachings with others to empower and give love and joy to others. 

Sharing her gifts in retreats and massage training courses here in Australia and over seas. 


Darci is the founder of Australia Yoga Teacher Training and specialises in technical alignment, verbal adjustments and delivering yoga’s philosophical teachings through colorful language and candor – she is known for keeping it real and relatable. Darci has a unique way in delivering the philosophy of yoga that is interesting, practical, simple and accessible – her classes, workshops and teacher trainings will meet you exactly where you are at. Darcis teaching style is accessible to the total beginner, but will also deepen the more experienced yogi’s practice and you will be inspired to continue your yoga practice, long after you roll your mat up and put it away.

To find out more about Darci you can visit her here: https://www.aytt.yoga/more-about-darci

For classes and links that are happening at awareful (so far!) As for the link – I’ve just given the link that leads to the information on my website. Hope thats correct? These are all being added and updated today. 

Yoga with Darci Thursdays + Fridays https://www.aytt.yoga/classes

Free Yoga Teacher Training Information Session https://www.aytt.yoga/events-workshops

Michael Cooper


I’m a personal awareness coach, mentor, sound healer and breathwork facilitator. 

I guide people back home – The journey back to self. A qualified reiki master and Breathwork facilitator, I have been and love holding sacred space for people. Whilst honing my intuitive, energy guided gifts to support others tapping into their inner wisdom and self-healing capabilities. I am is passionate about supporting others to access these altered states, shift their physiology and heal through self-love and the power of the breath.

My vision is to be a beacon of light, one who teaches, inspires and motivates people all over the globe in Life Mastery.


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