Mental Health Coaching

For us, coaching isn’t just something you do, it’s part of who you are. We have always been coaches, before we even knew it. We are curious, intuitive, empathetic, compassionate, dedicated and more. Mental Health Coaching

Awareful Coaches are like personal trainers for mental health. If you’d like to learn more about Awareful Coaches or potentially be one yourself, keep scrolling… Mental Health Coaching


We don’t treat people like patients or clients, our style of coaching is human, down to earth and focused on people. We’ll bring some of ourselves to the session, rather than hold ourselves back, we’ll never be too directive as we’re there to empower people not tell them what to do with their lives. Mental Health Coaching

A lot of coaching can be about selling the secret formula to success or “fixing people”. We don’t believe anyone is broken and we won’t do the work for people — we’ll create the space and give the support to enable people to show up as their full selves.

Verified and Accredited

The team at Awareful live and breathe what they coach although we have ensured we meet global accreditation standards

Therapuetic Practises

Human Givens is a globally recognised therapy focused on developing your positive mental health 


Mindfulness has been shown to aid in the stabilty of Mental Health, Happiness and Compassion. 


Meditation runs alongside the Western Philosophy of Mindfulness and has shown to help with many poor mental health conditions


We use some of the most recognised applications to help simplify your ongoing practise with us. 

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