Why spirituality, why now….

With an impending talk on this huge topic, spirituality, happiness and the rise of compassion, this term seems to raise many questions; What is spirituality? Am I spiritual? What makes me spiritual? Am I different?… Am I the one….???? Why spirituality, why now…. 

Like a Star Wars Movie, maybe it was me born with the force strong within, maybe it is lying dormant, maybe if I keep doing loads of spiritual things this ‘force’ will awaken within me….

Maybe if I meditate 8 hours a day…


Maybe if I am mindful for every moment I live…


Maybe if I speak with loads of different spiritual people…


Maybe if I speak to someone who has contact with higher intelligence or higher beings of some sort they can show me the way to enlightenment…


Maybe if I go on loads of different courses I will find what I am searching for…


Maybe if….


Maybe if…


Maybe if…


Our incessant search for happiness, for permanence, for oneness.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to sit with, listen to, watch, discuss and practise with many different types of ‘spiritual’ people of all different secular and non-secular backgrounds. Most charge a hell of a lot to offer guidance that they receive for free. And I agree, they have spent a lot of money doing exactly what you are doing, searching, until boom, they are into the inner circle somehow, whether it through religous connotations, clairvoyance/sentience, mystical… however this awakening of sorts has come about.


“Have faith, you were born with the light in your eyes. All you have to do is let it shine.”

The problem for me is, the deeper and deeper I go into the rabbit hole, the more and more I am beginning to see what is being hidden behind this veil. And this veil doesn’t add things to you, there is no magic recipe, there are no higher beings, or super high beings, there is love, there is unity, there is a connected-ness.

Now I am not trying to say that there is not some form of intelligence at play within all of this, the problem I seem to be confronted with is, we try and differentiate ourselves from this oneness, this source.


All you have to do is listen to all the great enlightened beings whose stories are still being told 2600+ years later like, Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus, and even more recently, who I would classify as great movers in the field, albeit their discussions may not be relived in the same way, like Ghandi, The Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King Jr, Maya Agathangelou, Ram Dass, Adyashanti among others, I have never heard one of them talk about higher beings, realms of higher beings… etc etc. They talk only about one-ness, love, compassion, non-dualism, the realisation of the most enlightened master you will ever meet… YOU


Over the years I have even seen and attended people offering special sittings of ‘higher forms’ focused purely on messages for woman or men or specific religous/cultural people, and I have always come away thinking, have these higher beings decided to be prejudice? Why couldnt these messages be for all? Like their message is specific to one sex, one race, one religion. Maybe the higher beings have been watching too much of the media and religion we have stuffed down our throats that have led us to our own prejudices…?


What I fear most is ‘hierachy in the afterlife’.

Trying to dissolve the many generations of being told we must look up and never within, the incessant drive to become more of something that is never just pointed out to us… Imagine an ongoing foreverness of hierarchy, forever trying to grow spiritually…  Maybe it is a hierarchy built on levels of love or a hierarchy of understanding, whatever it is, this can’t be what spirituality is all about, can it?


My humble opinion… there is no hierarchy, how can there be. Hierarchy is created by humans. A way of enslaving us into believing that there is some ‘thing’ more important out there than me. Letting go of this mistaken belief is not a selfish thing, this is a balancing thing. A bringing of balance to a hierarchy well weighted into the service of others, the view upwards of step ascent… it is not like all of a sudden you are just going to go, sh*t, everyone else doesn’t matter, only I matter. It is a balancing of the love of the self. Compassion towards the self. A question worth asking, who is this ‘self’ that feels that love and compassion are needed? Who is this’self’ beyond you who senses this out of balance-ness? 
Higher beings, if there are any, must only have one message, they couldn’t see sex, age, colour, they see YOU, the ‘I’ that we all have in common. The you-ness that was created prior to this life and will carry on beyond this life into whatever you believe will happen. 


Whether you are of a specific religion, age, sex, race, shape, whatever, the message is that we need to look beyond any form of segregation and see the purity at its core.


The more you add to this, the more things you need to purify yourself, all you are doing is murkying your own waters. Yes, you will feel more connected, you will feel like wow, this is it…


Until the next course….  Or maybe it’s this one.


You already are. You always have been… You may have had some horrible traumas to get you to this point, but you were built strong, stronger than you could possibly know. You have had many lives bringing you to this point right now. This is your opportunity to shine.


One of the most powerful messages I received from someone or something was…


“Have faith, you were born with the light in your eyes. All you have to do is let it shine.”


As someone, at the time, who was not really ‘spiritual’, had faith in nothing other than smashing into people on the rugby pitch to release my hidden depression and anxiety; to be sat in the Gym at Fort Regent on a Saturday morning, to have this incredible feeling come over me, this presence, and then to hear these words….  “Have faith, you were born with the light in your eyes. All you have to do is let it shine”, I have to say it was incredible.


It set me off on a journey, it actually set me off on the wrong journey. What happened? I didn’t have the skill at the time to decipher between presence and my ego…


Countless classes/courses/accreditations later…


I find myself back at these words….


All you have to do is let it shine…


Like a caterpillar has not added anything to transform. It knows itself. Like leaves are not added to a tree, they were always there, spirituality

cannot be added to us either. It already is.


If you want to find out more, come and join me on the talk 17th October. It is donation only, with money raised to be donated to Mencap & Les Amis. It is donation only and can be found on the link below:



Thank you so much for your time. I would love to hear your thoughts, either comment below or message me at dan@awareful.co.uk

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