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Naomi Young-Pickrell

Yoga and Mindset teacher
“Let go of this idea that you have to be somebody, do something or go somewhere to be happy and just be…
Be free. “
Naomi Young-Pickrell
Yoga Teacher Training; Ashtanga; Founder of Be Free Yoga;

Naomi Young-Pickrell

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After graduating with a Communication degree from Griffith University in 2004, Naomi travelled to Kathmandu, Nepal to work as a Journalist for their national news paper. While it was an incredible experience and a great learning curve, her heart just wasn’t in it. She found herself more drawn to the spiritual elements of Nepal rather than the work at hand. Several years later after the birth of her two children, Naomi finally responded to her true calling and began to deepen her yoga practice which helped her so much as a mother.
The more that she practiced, the clearer and more grounded she became. She learnt to live in the ‘here and now’, where her life is happening and beautiful. Now she is truly grateful for being able to share what she has learnt and continue to learn on this path so that others may experience deep peace and fulfilment regardless of their life circumstances.
Naomi has completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Michelle Merrifield at Essence of Living in 2013. Since then she has continued to practice Ashtanga yoga and Zen under the guidance of her teacher, Mark Togni.

She also founded BE FREE YOGA – a not for profit organisation aimed at uniting, inspiring and mobilising the yoga community to take action to end human trafficking and sex slavery, as well as empowering and healing survivors through yoga. In 2014 she travelled to Cambodia to establish a trauma sensitive yoga therapy program for the survivors at AFESIP’s rehabilitation centres in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.
Her teaching style is simple, with a focus on movement and breath…you don’t have to be flexibly or strong, if you can breathe, you can practice.


Naomi has the most calm, safe presence. Her classes leave me feeling so relaxed, strong, respected, empowered and able to just be me! All levels of experience, energy level and emotional state are welcomed and embraced. Naomi has an incredible wealth of knowledge and huge capacity in her own practice, she is an inspiration but she has never made me feel lesser or small, i believe this is what makes her group classes so accessible and comfortable for beginners. There is no ego, no dogma, just pure loving kindness! Thank you for the time, care and commitment you share with us all Naomi!

Kate Bachelor

I have been practicing yoga with Naomi for about 5 years. The peace, relaxation and ability to unwind physically and mentally with Naomi has at times been both a rock and a sanctuary during some difficult times in my life and I am so very grateful for this. Naomi has a very calm, easygoing nature and with her guidance I have learned how to ‘let go’ the incessant chatter and demands of the daily grind. Thanks Naomi! 

Greg Hoskings

Naomi is an absolutely amazing yoga teacher, the knowledge and experience she brings with her to the yoga studio is incredible! I would recommend coming along to any of her classes whether you are a beginner or an advance yogi. You will always come out knowing something new! Keep up the good work Naomi.

Nathan Torpie

Naomi is a wonderful teacher and beautiful person. I started as an absolute beginner and she taught me to honour where I am at. I always leave class feeling so much better for it… relaxed, recharged and uplifted. She is amazing!

Lisa Rafferty

I have been doing yoga classes (mainly vinyasa, and some ashtanga) with Naomi for about three years now. I really enjoy her classes and her style of teaching.  She is a very “present and caring “ teacher who has fostered a lovely community of students. At the moment I am missing being able to attend her classes, but really appreciate being able to use what I learned from her to enhance my own home practice. Thanks Naomi

Valda Robinson

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